Career in PLC SCADA can be made in two departments , Sales & Programming .Both of them offer great Salary job satisfaction & perks ,apart from building Expertise which creates long term growth prospects . In automation its not about Sales or Programming ,its not also about eraning more money .the importantance of both of the sales and programming in automation of industrial automation is about adding value to relieve customers pain points.It about adding productivity to the clients bottom line and adding to the top line.

Adding productivity and profitability to the clients’ shopfloor is what offers job satisfaction to all our employees.its this stage when our clients become our friends.when we have satisfied clients then happiness and peace also become part of our job

At little systems we have done hundreads of projects using PLC from simple sequence control to Process control.

Looking for Career in Sales & programming of PLC SCADA.

Salary,Technical Expertise & Job satisfaction. you get them all @little systems ,

job satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

Many job can offer the money and perks but when it comes to job experience developing professional expertise in field of automation .

Little systems offers a balance of Job satisfaction whic can fuel your career growth.

Domain Experience


when you want to enrich your experience of Automation in Delhi NCR ,Little systems is one of the well established automation solution provider in Faridabad doing projects from IOT to process plant automation using HART,Modbus Protocols .Using motion card for precision and speed is what we do .

Deploying SCADA systems ,PLC,VFD ,Touchscreens are our day to day jobs.

salary & perks

Salary & perks

Good Job satisfaction ,Domain Expertise are important so is the money power to build your status in cociety and fullfill the worldly needs of you & your family

One of our past programmer working at mitsubishi Electric

Another one of our past employee working at Oil & GAS company in Qatar

Another of our Emplyee working in Abhu Dhabi in Jindal steel

Hiring @little systems

Do your love Doing sales, as an engineer in Automation products of mitsubishi or competetior brand.

Mandatory : Bike /Car

Both Males & females can apply for this job.

Age Group : 30 to 45 age group can apply for this job.

Salary : INR 20000 to 40000 per month

Quaterly sales incentives when the sale of a quater is above 15X of the Quaterly CTC

  1. Enquiry incentive
  2. Discipline Incentive

Are you a Expert PLC programmer? we need one having experience to program Mitsubishi PLC & highlighted experience.

Person should have working experience of 4 to 12 years for PLC,HMI,VFD,Servo.Especially on Mitsubishi Model FX-5U, FX5 40 SSC,IQR ,GS2107

Manadatory : Bike / Scooter /Car

Both Males & Females can apply for this Job.

Age Group : between 30 to 45 years can apply for this job

Salary : INR 25000 to 54000+ per month to suit professional Expertise & accolades. for your reference as per google salary of PLC programmer is

as per google Average salary of PLC programmer

so you think you can Qualify for above posts..Here’s Next TO DO

Share your CV on Whatsapp 9811043930 with factual details,past accoldes and rewards the challenges faced , you can elaborate each of them in personal meeting.

Meeting at our office

Hello Aspiring Candidate ,if you would like to meet us ,a good time to meet us ,would be 2nd & 3rd tuesday between 3.00 to 4.00pm ,we would appriciate a call befor you arrive at our office.

June 2024

Career at Little Systems Working is, Team work

LITTLE SYSTEMS as a Employer

we are growing at what we do in terms of revenu & challenges but certainly we are not at top of everything we do .http://our google profile

But we are very much concerned about the work environment ,the job satisfaction which orignates from doing what you are good at .working at a place where you are recognized for your domain know how ,your human values in what matters to many working professionals .

we offer good salary to our team so their basic and other growth needs are met and they can focus their attention on projects.

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