30 years experience in PLC SCADA projects

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we are exporting CE certified VFD operated panels ,PLC controlled Pump control panels for international customers.Many of thses pump panels have siemens Switchgear ,mitsubishi VFD,Mitsubishi PLC & mitsubishi HMI. these panels have been certified as per the CE guidelines .panels are for many used cases like for underground submersible pump control which is interlocked with underground water level.

These CE certified panels are with simple DOL operation or with VFD operated panels for Contant pressure achieved using PID control directly in Variable Frequency Drive of Mitsubishi or For better control with in 1% using PLC to monitor the field pressure and control the VFD using analog output. Here all the programming of the PLC ,VFD ,HMI is done by our inhouse team of Engineers ,all the wiring of the panels are done by our inhouse team of Electricians. Our panels with CE compliance are not only for exports but also for indian clients.

CE certfied Panels

Direct on Line Controlled Pump Panels

High Pressure Pump Panels

VFD controlled pump panels

Level & pressure cut off pump panels

we at little systems assemble control panels for pump applications. applications where high reliability of duty cycle .

we assemble them in Stainless steel enclosure of Rittal ,meeting CE requirments.

Many of these pump control panels have tight intigration using PID control of VFD to maintain constant pressure output ,the pressure is monitored using huba pressure transmitter.

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