Furnace SCADA

furnace scada

Annealing Furnace

As part of the forging process the forged parts undergo a controlled annealing process where in forged components are kept under certain temperature for certain time to change the physical /chemical proteries of parts .The process of annealing increase the Ducality and decreases the Hardness to improve the part workability.

Contributions/ Benefits of SCADA in annealing furnace.

the operational parameters of the furnace control which can improve the workpiece of reject the workpiece can all me logged into the scada software & can be printed as report to boost cusomter confidence that their specific batch has gone through the furnace at right temperature ,for right time as per the predefined reciepe irrespective of the operator skill .


the operational cost of running the furnace can be reduced when you use the operational temperature undercheck with the control of electrical energy used to heat & also the productivity can improve the output of the furnace when no time is wasted due to operator negligence .

furnace scada

Continuos Mesh belt line furnace

This a more complex process here furnace operations are divded in four process .you can see the details and operation in this video.All the temperature of hardening zone ,tempering zones are monitored ,the speed of the conveyor is controlled using Reciepe ,all the product changes ,temperature & speed switching are done using the inbuilt SCADA reciepe.

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