PLC ,SCADA ,field instruments & control panels.

Mitsubishi FX5U-PLC

fx5u plc

A very versatile & latest PLC for factory automation needs be it a simple sequence control or Servo motor control using motion module or communicating with energy meter using Modbus protocol or external connection using ethernet port.It can ecpand in digital i/o s and analog inputs & outputs .


SCADA software


xArrow is a full-featured SCADA/HMI software run on Windows system, it supports almost all the popular devices and can be used as an OPC server, a Modbus/ModbusTCP slave or a Bacnet/IP gateway.
xArrow can meet the requirements from single-user applications to complex Client/Server applications with redundancy, and user can use Android phone to browse the project.

It’s compatible with all the versions of Windows upto windows 11.

Field Instruments


for process automation projects we select,order ,supply & commission various field instruments like vortex flowmeter ,coriolis massflowmeter, Differential Pressure Transmitter ,pressure transmitters .

Using 4 to 20 ma analogue outputs along with HART protocols for easy communication to PLC 

Control Panels

control panel

First step of manufacturing control panels is outlining the plant devices to be controlled ,their electrical ratings and their sequence of operation to ,plan for their heat dissipation ,assembly ,upkeep during normal usage and so on.

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