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Saves Resources & Increases Profits

Experience Our programming Expertise in PLC SCADA projects

Mitsubishi Electric FX5U controller for Machine PLC PANELS.

The Mitsubishi programmable logic controller is brick type unit . it can connect to 8 ethernet device using one ethernet port,2 analog inputs devices & 1 analog output device .in base model it can connect to 16 digital input devices @ 24VDC & 16 digital output devices .when used with its expansion units like analog inputs ,analog outputs and motion control card can make it extremely versatile for machine tool and process control projects. Fx5U can be programmed in ladder logic to communicate to several communication protocols like modbus ,TCPIP to connect to field devices . It can act as a RTU unit for telemetry data communications. Its core competence is for machine tools used in manufacturing plants.

User defined function blocks can be created. It can easily communicate to scada systems. Motion card for precise position control using servo control

It has a SD card built in which can store the application program or can log the machine summary a power packed automation solution.

IQR controller ,improving productivity in process plants’ PLC panels .

Its suitable for process plants . where equipment life cycle needs to be more there control systems can profit from mitsubsihi electric IQR PLC . Its having advanced functions like HART communication,16 analog inputs per card ,tool path generation using G code .One of the Finest Industrial PID control for critical process plant operations

Turn your process control challenges into opportunities. Whether you need a standalone system or networked applications, mitsubishi electric controllers have been designed to deliver outstanding performance and superior drive control, with full compatibility with the Internet of Things (IoT). It can act as a edge computing as well as MES device for ERP communications. this can be reliably used in power plants. It can also be retrofitted in existing process plants to work with SCADA.

Our user-centric programming means you have complete control over your systems, making it easy to troubleshoot systems & optimize your operations for maximum efficiency. You can streamline your processes, reduce downtime, and enhance overall productivity. Don’t wait to take your plant control to the next level .

Scada systems for Productivity ,Efficiency & Profits in Process plants.

151 projects of Scada successfully Completed .

When signal Alarm monitoring ,signal logging is must & system data analysis matters.

Scada software , Enhancing OEEE .

  • Critical parameters are at glance
  • Process Alarms are always visible
  • User Management
  • Process Trends
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Reports
  • Calender Timed events
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Windows 11 compatible
  • Money savings
  • Human voice alarms
  • Globally proven Product
supervisory control and data acquisition , FAQ?

Scada is a specialized computer software running on desktop computer or mobile device to acquire the Real time data from industrial plant to monitor and better the control of industrial process.

of course all customer experience be it user alarms ,trends ,buttons can be customized to improve customer experience on the dektop computer or on a mobile device.

it’s full form is supervisory control and data acquisition .

The primary distinction between Programmable Logic Controller and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is scada is a software running on a desktop workstation or on a mobile device like android or apple device . PLC is a hardware device to be used in plc panels.

Yes SCADA running on the desktop computer has much more plant information which can not only store the data coming from various process signal but also shows the real time and historic trends . scada can also present the data information in graphical or excel table ,it can easily replace paperless data logger and also datalogger using paper.

The price changes as per the number of tags in most cases ,but also with functionality like energy module or statistical module selected with few vendors.

no Internet is not must to operate the SCADA ,however for web server or web clients internet would be required .

SCADA can be used in automation of infrastructure process control and electrical equipment control application from utility management like boiler ,chiller ,furnace to process automation like in formaldehyde plant. in simple understanding it would get the data from PLC panels which can be connected to various applications.

yes scada software can be connected to several desktop computers connected over intranet or internet.

All sensors analog or digital signals connected to PLC panels can be connected to SCADA .

Example includes pressure ,temperature ,vibration ,PH level flow or electrical signal parameters like voltage current power factor ,water parameters like density ,PH can be connected to the SCADA software through PLC panels.

All the critical plant parameters ,information related to electric motors running time ,tripping ,breaker tripping ,plant performance and its efficiency ,production can be stored in SCADA software .the information about various electrical ,process parameters can be stored in the database.

MQTT is the protocol for IIOT communication and SCADA does has MQTT as one of protocols

its a software system which is a program running on pc and is connected to controller. scada engineering is done to monitor and analyse the plant data

Its preferred to use a professional class desktop computer workstation PC.

PC with good SSD speed is preferred. faster PC means better or faster brain of software, especially its needed when more of analog signals are used in application.

Scada is used in automation projects to do the task of control engineering alarm system to direct the attention of the operator to processes going out of can log the real time data in data base ,show the real time and historic trends of the data ,show real time data on the PLANT P& I diagram create condition based alarming or time based alarming. it can show the status of pump motors by changing the colour of motor graphic on screen . show the tripping of the circuit breaker by changing the colour of circuit breaker in the circuit breaker graphics.

It can hold the plant data in database which can be used to improve the plant performance by expert process engineers

Its a good tool in troubleshooting the plant performance.

scada has different level of user password to protect the data from unwanted edits or accidental data tempering

No usually scada software sells with perpetual licence.

yes it can be connected to enterprise resource planning software like SAP Oracle where these software can poll the scada databse and filter the information needed by the client data query.

Yes desktop computer or IT infrastructure play a vital role to run data acquisition 24/7 in industrial environment usually we prefer to use HP Z series workstation .

It depends on the cost of products being manufactured in the automation plant, at times saving in resources can increase profits which are many multiples of cost of scada

yes we have used SCADA in smartcity of Faridabad in capturing Water distribution through the city of faridabad ,with monitoring of electric motors running hours ,and many other signal from the remote locations connected the remote terminal unit to capture data and store it in the database to present the information about water usage ,water wasted etc in the city of Faridabad.

Xarrow scada in our experience of industrial automation has one of the fastest onboarding & simplified HMI like interface ,user experience starting from system integration of plc ,data integration at site or for remote Telemetry devices it has all features mentioned in various case studies . sms gateway integration data communication includes standard protocols & proprietary protocols , voice alarms which play a audio message when a alarm occurs in local language so operators can just hear the fault message instead of reading it on screen.

Historic Trend with Minimum, maximum & average values are displayed below the historic trends for analysis at a glance. For easy reference on pricing it starts almost at the price point of a decent hmi or second price reference could be equal to the price of basic powerfully brick type controller.

The size of the xarrow SCADA is about 60MB only ,it does not require ,expensive PC with Graphic cards or .NET platform etc.supervisory control and data acquisition

SCADA software can also run as a redundant software where the data is being captured by two or more systems in realtime so if one system fails the other redundant system still shows the plant data.

mitsubishi electric has been on the forefront of automation projects involving programming of PLC,HMI,SERVO . it has immensly strong SCADA software with worldwide users in water ,power ,automotive clients also being used in data centers and redundant scada being the highlight of mitsubishi electric .

Programmable logic controller ,FAQ?

  1. What does the PLC word stands for , it stands for programmable logic controller.
  2. How many companies make PLC ?it is a Industrial control Equipment made by over 50 companies popular ones are Siemens ,Mitsubishi,Schenider,Allen bradley,Hitachi,Fuji, Omron , ABB etc.
  3. Does PLC logic incorporates the Ladder logic ? still by and large majority of PLC programs are done in ladder logic however other programming languages are also widely popluar like Structured text ,FBD IEC 61131
  4. Does Programmable logic controller panels also use Relays ? yes relays are often used to isolate the PLC output from heavy current carrying elements,how ever interlocks of the devices are not made using relays.
  5. how many kind of programmable logic controllers are there ? small one is referred as Brick type unit where the CPU,Power supply & i/os are intigrated in a single unit ,other controller is referred as RACK type where backplane supports powersupply ,CPU and different cards for inputs ,outputs & special function cards,usually is about 3 times expensivve then the brick type.
  6. Where is programmable logic controllers are being used ? its used in manufactruing plants where machine or process sequence control and safety is important to product quality ,safety & cost saving
  7. What is the PLC Cost ? it’s price starts from about 10,000 INR to about 500,000/- and more depending on the configuration.
  8. Is Programmable logic controller and SCADA same? both systems are used in industrial automation but both are not same,it is more of Control device & scada is more of monitoring software..
  9. Is programmable logic controller expensive ? In fact plc systems saves lot of time and resources thus increasing profits
  10. Can programmable logic controller communicate Industrial Data to ERP .Yes it can establish data communciations between industrial devices & ERP software.
  11. Does it needs to be used inside of the panel? yes even though its a industrial device but still it need to be protected from moisture ,Dust etc
  12. where PLC are used ? PLC are used in the PLC panels .
  13. are redundant PLC there? yes redundancy in PLC can be planned for various levels like for powerspully redundancy or CPU redundancy next level is digital and analog signal redundancy
When & Where to Start the Automation journey?

Productivity Energy Skilled workforce Predictive Maintenance Industrial internet of things Aim Productivity

when productivity of your manufacturing plant needs a boost.There are many process in the plant plant which are being run in manual,semi automatic and automatic ways .

however the scope to improve productivity is often neglected with fear of making huge investments in automations systems


when electrical energy cost of your manufacturing plant is out of proption to the infrastructure & is going higher Month on month & disturbing the sustainability of your manufacturing plant.Technologies needs to be well embeded in to the plant to make the powersupply quality excellent and cost optimum.

Digital revolution in the Electrical energy ,deploying various industry standard protocols to establist device to device communications and monitor the health of long running equipments.degrading health like of Capacitiors or insulators can make the devices smart.

Skilled workforce

when unskilled workfoce can lead to risk to the equipment and risk to the workforce needs to be dealt with.Smartphone is the hands of workforce can be used as a personal user interface to manage the alarms, training .The bluetooth in the phone can be used to establish device to device communications.

Eneterprise software like oracle , SAP,Microsoft and others can be connected to indusrtrial networks and Technology like machine learning artifical intelligence can be leaveraged for every day use.

Predictive Maintenance

Automation of the machine and process allows you to plan for the preventive maintenace looking into usage data of the machine and various equipments life cycle.User interface can be designed to highlight the preventeive maintenance of upcoming schedule

Industrial internet of things

when data from various equipments like boiler chillers or production equipments needs to be monitored for the wastage.these devices can be connected using IOT where in Industry 4.0 can be implemented with easy to use user interface to pinpoint the inefficiency at the glance.

Manufacturing plantwise data aquisition is becoming the reality


You can aim to meet standards of international society of automation for various automation systems like Alarm philosphy,Standards for Process safety

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